What is the Edge Device?

the Edge Device is the recommended IoT device for the DAIM Edge Computing Platform

  • the Edge Device enables
    • IoT connectivity and collection of data
    • data processing and analytics capabilities close to the data source
  • flexible data logistics - data filtering and routing to a variety of systems (on premise and cloud)
  • easy to set up and simple to operate
  • highest security standards for protecting data and intellectual property
  • batteries included: preinstalled with ready-to-go IoT software
  • extensible: run your own applications and algorithms as Docker containers

Edge Device Use Cases

  • simple connectivity and data logistics solution:
    • collect data and route it to different systems, based on data attributes or content
    • aggregate or compress data before sending it to the cloud
  • condition monitoring: detect wear of components and alert customer service
  • process stability: monitor process stability of production machines, control production process through algorithm
  • machine learning: train model in cloud system, apply model on the edge
  • collect and store data important for warranty or legal reasons
  • basis for remote maintenance of production machines (third-party software required)

Easy Set Up

  • simple and secure configuration and registration process
  • easy network configuration via setup wizard, similar to home routers
  • network setup with or without network separation between production and external networks

Edge Computing Platform

The DAIM Edge Computing Platform is a central management solution for your Edge Devices:

manage devices: automatic and secure software updates and security patches, monitor health and online status of your devices

manage applications: orchestrate applications running on your devices, manage application updates

manage data flow: orchestrate data flow across devices: which data gets sent where?


  • platform user can focus on delivering value to his customers: connectivity solutions, condition monitoring, digital services, machine learning, remote maintenance, etc.
  • DAIM Edge Computing Platform takes care of managing necessary software and infrastructure: manage devices, algorithms, security patches, upgrades, data distribution, etc.

Industrial Security by Design

Designed from ground up with strong IoT security in mind

  • protect Edge Devices, platform backend and customers against manipulation and malicious code
    • secure communication, certificate based authentification/authorisation and software signing
  • protect intellectual property located on the Edge Device (e.g., your Edge Applications)
    • devide encryption, protection against manipulation through TPM 2.0 chip

Regular security audits by independent security advisers and university researchers.


Manage Devices

Central Management of Edge Devices

  • security & OS updates/upgrades
  • monitoring of upgrade status, online status, telemetry
  • management & monitoring of deployed containers (health status, versions)

Manage Applications

  • Edge Applications are deployed on Edge Devices as Docker containers
  • use included applications such as Apache NiFi (data logistics) or databases (e.g., postgres)
  • create your own applications as Docker containers, using tools and programming languages you are already familiar with - if it runs in a Docker container, it runs on the Edge Device
  • create value for your customers by offering digital services in your business domain: connectivity solutions, condition monitoring, digital services, machine learning, remote maintenance, etc.

NiFi for Data Flow Management

Use Apache NiFi for data flow management:

  • highly configurable
    • loss tolerant vs guaranteed delivery
    • low latency vs high throughput
    • dynamic prioritization
  • back pressure (even between sites)

Data Provenance: track data lineage

  • secure: all connections TLS, multi-tenant authorization
  • supports different protocols (MQTT, OPC-UA, REST, Avro, ...)